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Dondup Recreates Best-Selling Jeans with Low Impact Candiani Denim

When premium Italian label Dondup decided to lower its environmental impact, it turned to a local leader in the field of sustainable denim.

The brand announced Friday that it is partnering with Candiani Denim to launch D/Zero, an initiative to reproduce six of its best-selling jeans styles for men and women with more eco-friendly processes and fabrics.

“As we know, traditional denim generates a huge environmental impact, caused by the cultivation and production of the raw material and by the considerable use of water, energy and chemicals in the fabric finishing and treatment processes,” the company stated. “That is why Dondup has created a series of washes whose low environmental impact is sustainable.”

The concept for the collection is to offer the “same but different.” D/Zero jeans will maintain the same aesthetic characteristics, performance qualities and price range, but with the added value of being green.

The jeans are made using Candiani’s water- and chemical-reducing Kitotex and Indigo Juice technologies. Compared to conventional denim fabrics, Candiani’s fabric consumes 50 percent less water and 70 percent less chemicals in the fabric production process.

Dondup joins a growing roster of brands that have adopted the mill’s low-impact fabrics.

Fellow Italian label, Closed, recently introduced A Better Blue, a fall collection of sustainable denim made with the mill’s Kitotex technology. The fabrics are also the foundation for Madewell’s new Eco Denim.

On average, D/Zero garments will consume 75 percent less water than traditional wash processes and 20 percent fewer chemicals. The garments will also require 58 percent less energy during the treatment and washing steps.

“The goal of the project is to become a real alternative aimed at raising consumer awareness, so that a contribution can be made to improving and protecting the globe,” the company said.

Dondup has researched and experimented with fabrics and dyes for its denim collection since 2001. In 2018, denim veteran Adriano Goldschmied was brought on to supervise the brand’s denim range.