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Doneger: The Future of Retail Will be Omni-Personal

Move over omnichannel, 2017 will be all about omni-personal.

Speaking at the 2016 U.S.-China Retail, Logistics & Investment Summit in New York City Thursday, Roberto Ramos, SVP of global strategy and communications at The Doneger Group, said the consumer is driving the conversation and it’s time for retailers to reimagine brand engagement.

Today’s consumer is more informed and more mobile, but they’re also more overwhelmed as a result. So what many want now is to take a step back, pare down, embrace simplicity—and for retail, this means a return to the human touch.

“It’s inspiring that the future of retail is going back to basics,” Ramos said.

There’s a recalibration of wants, Ramos explained, and the new definition of evolution means the fluid and agile development of something especially cumbersome and complex to something simple and reasonable. Retailers will have to focus on the consumer’s desire for optimal relevancy.

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