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Dovetail Workwear Dabbles in Beer for a Good Cause

With the tagline “tastes like denim,” female-led Dovetail Workwear recently introduced an IPA to support women.

The Portland, Ore.-based brand, known for its functional and figure-flattering designs, partnered with Deschutes Brewery to create Move Maker Cold IPA, a “crisp but not too bitter” beer. All proceeds from sales of the IPA—decked out in denim-themed packaging—will benefit the Pink Boots Society, a nonprofit supporting women professionals in the fermented and alcoholic beverage industry.

The concept was born when a Dovetail customer suggested an IPA that is as reliable as a favorite pair of jeans. Considered to be an “experimental” beer for Deschutes, Dovetail describes the beverage as a blended IPA and lager with a “refreshing” and “approachable” taste.

The small batch beer is available now in 4-pack of 16-ounce cans and on draft at Deschutes-owned and -operated establishments in Oregon and Virginia.

Supporting women-focused organizations is ingrained in the workwear brand’s mission to encourage women to enter and succeed in non-traditional occupations. With more than 70 chapters in the U.S., Pink Boots Society provides education, mentorship and scholarships for women working in the beer industry.

“We make apparel, but what we’re really trying to make at Dovetail, is change,” Sara DeLuca, Dovetail Workwear director of product development, stated. “We built our clothes out of need, serving hardworking women who had been overlooked. Along the way, we’re meeting amazing women who are the movers and changers in their industries.”

It’s a sentiment shared by Deschutes Brewery director of product development Veronica Vega. “I’ve been a member of Pink Boots for years,” she said. “It’s all about women building community and supporting each other.”