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DSM Dyneema Names Cone Denim Premium Manufacturing Partner

Cone Denim has been named the premium manufacturing partner for denim by DSM Dyneema, producer of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, branded as Dyneema.

The R&D collaboration opens new opportunities for Cone’s expanding line of performance denims. Dyneema fiber is unique as an ultra-strong polyethylene fiber that offers maximum strength with minimum weight. It is up to 15 times stronger than steel and up to 40 percent stronger than aramid fibers. Traditional applications include military, maritime, offshore, sailing, industrial, and cut resistant product with recent developments in high performance apparel fabrics.

Development efforts are being directed by Cone 3D, Cone’s R&D incubator, and are focused in the areas of performance, comfort, uniqueness, and sustainability. Breakthrough initiatives include identifying new fibers and raw materials, incorporating distinctive fiber blends and fabric constructions, and engineering unique process technologies——alll supported by sustainable practices.

Steve Maggard, vice president product development and Cone 3D, said, “The versatility of Dyneema opens many possibilities for enhancing the strength of denim without increasing the fabric’s weight.” He added, “We are just entering the beginning stages of development and are excited by the potential we see for the next generation of performance denims——stronger than ever before but with a natural, lightweight comfort.”

With Cone recognized worldwide for denim innovation and leadership, DSM Dyneema global segment director performance apparel Noud Steffens, said, “The partnership between DSM Dyneema and Cone ties in directly with our global growth strategy in performance apparel and allows two leaders of innovation to collaborate and explore new possibilities within cotton applications using our Dyneema fiber.”