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Condom Brand Durex Does Denim

Durex is a tease.

Last week the condom brand stirred up buzz with a tweet hinting to the launch of “Durex Jeans” for the Indian market.

The company also published an advertorial in the marketing publication Brand Equity, describing the launch of Durex Jeans as “disruptive” to the market and a “culmination of our intensive research and partnership with the world’s top creative minds.”

On Wednesday, the buildup came to a head when Durex revealed that Durex Jeans was in fact a new range of condoms in a slimmer packet designed to disappear in body-hugging jean pockets. Each packet comes with a pair of condoms, or as Durex’s ad said, “A pair of Jeans, you cannot do without #DurexJeans.”

Durex and its cheeky campaign aims to break the taboo of buying and carrying condoms in India. The Hindustan Times reported that despite government efforts to promote the use of condoms, “India has a very low penetration.”