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DyStar Rolls Out Better Indigo Spray

Innovations continue to dominate the textile sector.

Denim producers now have a new way to significantly reduce their environmental impact thanks to an indigo spray dyeing procedure for production developed by DyStar and RotaSpray.

The solution was first introduced in 2015. Since then, DyStar and RotaSpray have been working together to develop it further and make it available for bulk production in important denim markets like Turkey, India and Pakistan.

With the recent breakthrough, they are now introducing a salt-less dyeing solution for the denim industry that offers high flexibility for dyeing small lot sizes, reduced water usage and effluent discharge in yarn dyeing.

The new spray dyeing technology combines DyStar Indigo Vat 40% Solution, Sera Con C-RDA organic reducing agent and the effective optimization of spraying parameters of the patented RotoDyer and RotoCoater spraying technology.

DyStar noted that although rotary atomizers have been established for several decades in the textile industry, they were mainly used for rewetting textiles with moisture. But recent cost pressure and a global demand for more sustainable solutions were motivators for the research and development that led to the recent technology leap and product creation.