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This New Brand Claims to Make the ‘Tesla of Denim’

A total of 16 features make up a new jean touted as the “Tesla” of denim.

New brand Edasi launched a Kickstarter campaign Thursday for Evolution of Denim, a jean style made with a technical denim fabric that boasts breathability, gold- and silver-based odor control and 360-degree stretch technology.

The no-fade, smooth-hand jeans with a tapered fit are designed to meet the need for comfort- and performance-minded consumers on the go.

The ethos of the company, said founder Omar Abu-Shaaban, is to build products that are versatile and an asset in people’s wardrobes—not create more products for the sake of selling.

Identifying pain points in products and finding solutions is Abu-Shaaban’s M.O. Working in international trade and e-commerce, he said he grew a habit of searching consumer reviews and jotting down his own thoughts on everyday products. And when his jeans were uncomfortable on planes, he took note. Issues with jeans bunching and bagging out ultimately led Abu-Shaaban to travel around the world to meet with potential suppliers and along the way tap into the expertise of executives from Isko, Olah Inc. and more.

A key ingredient in the makeup of the jean is X4J, a fiber that adds cooling, breathability and weightlessness for ease of movement. Additionally, a patented odor control solution called Fuze kills odor-causing bacteria keeping the jeans smelling clean and fresh for weeks at a time. The technology uses gold and silver alloys, which adhere permanently to the fabrics without altering their appearance, feel, smell or impeding their performance attributes.

Abu-Shaaban said Edasi is the first to bring the gold technology in denim to market.

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Evolution of New brand Edasi launched a Kickstarter for jeans made with gold and silver odor control and 360-degree stretch technology.
Edasi’s Evolution of Denim Courtesy

Other functional details include an elasticated waistband, reinforced gusset, an articulated knee design and bells and whistles like a bike lock loop, reflective tabs for night visibility and a total of nine pockets, including an RFID-blocking pockets for credit cards.

After 15 months of prototyping and exploring alternative fibers, Abu-Shaaban is ready to bring his jean to the market through a Kickstarter campaign. During the course of the campaign, the company aims to raise $12,500, which Abu-Shaaban said will give the company “some breathing room to build momentum” and down the road help leverage partnerships with bigger players in the denim industry.

And despite the brand’s focus on performance and technology, sustainability was a top priority—you just won’t see Edasi use sustainability as the crux of its marketing. Taking a cue from brands like Allbirds and Patagonia, Abu-Shaaban said responsible manufacturing simply needs to be part of any new brand’s DNA. It’s part of the reason why he chose Prosperity Textiles as its key supplier. The mill’s Bluesign accreditation, use of sustainable cotton and a finishing process that requires zero liters of water resonated with the entrepreneur’s vision for the future of denim.

“I made the jeans to be a solution for comfort and functionality, but at the core of it, its sustainability,” he said.