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Eileen Fisher and West Elm Debut Upcycled Denim for the Home

Durability and unique character are among the beloved qualities of jeans. An old pair of jeans tells a story about where they’ve been and who wore them. Now, a new collaboration between sustainable fashion brand Eileen Fisher and home goods company West Elm brings those qualities together to enhance the home.

The companies launched Tuesday an eight-piece collection of home decor and furniture designed with upcycled Eileen Fisher fabrics.

For the collaboration, both retailers shared a vision to develop responsible designs for the home using a zero-waste manufacturing system. The fabrics used in the collection were sourced through Eileen Fisher’s Renew program, which deconstructs previously owned denim garments donated by customers into new products with more value.

The collaboration also marks the first time Eileen Fisher brings its signature denim felting method to an exclusive collection with a major home retailer. The donated fabrics were washed, repaired and hand-layered into one-of-a-kind patterns to form new fabric at Eileen Fisher’s Tiny Factory in Irvington, N.Y.

“Eileen Fisher leads the apparel industry in sustainable innovation and has developed a transformative technology that allows us to introduce circular design to a collection of textiles for the home,” said Alex Bellos, West Elm president. “Together, we are bridging our shared commitments to responsible retail and great design to offer quality, artful pieces.”

Sustainable fashion brand Eileen Fisher and home goods company West Elm are elevated discarded jeans for the home.
Eileen Fisher x West Elm Courtesy

The Eileen Fisher x West Elm collection includes a swivel chair upholstered with felted denim and a variety of indigo and red denim pillow covers.

“With these beautiful designs, we are extending each garment’s life cycle and drastically reducing the waste that we put out into the world,” said Eileen Fisher, founder and CEO. “As other brands join our mission, we will increase the potential to create positive change in the way we manufacture—by being kinder to the planet.”

The retail prices for the collection range from $159-$169 for pillow covers to $1,999 for the chair. The line is available online at and