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Esprit Elevates Supply Chain Sustainability Commitments

In making progress on its supply chain sustainability goals, fashion retailer Esprit is focused on two things—people and the planet.

The company recently released its third sustainability report, where it shared a new holistic strategy that incorporates environmental and social aspects into its ongoing efforts. Along with the updated strategy, Esprit committed itself to four major imperatives—improving products and materials, transparency, fostering a cleaner supply chain and paying fair living wages. The company’s new strategy and will raise the bar on its sustainability commitments and contribute to a more circular fashion ecosystem.

“Last year we were able to achieve significant progress in our efforts toward an even stronger anchoring of the sustainability principle in our company. In this way, we get closer to our long-term goal of integrating sustainability into all business processes,” Esprit group CEO Jose Manuel Martínez Gutiérrez said. “On the basis of the updated sustainability strategy and our concrete commitments, we are confident that we will have an even bigger impact.”

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