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Fancy This: Canatiba’s Couture Collection

From new denim constructions, weights and washes to the steps global mills are taking to reduce impact, Rivet's SS23 In Season Look Book: Denim & Trims has everything you need to know for a successful denim season.

Denim and couture continue to commingle. Alexander McQueen swathed denim in fine embroideries and appliques this spring. Marc Jacobs turned the jean skirt into a denim ball gown. This budding love affair is even trickling onto the denim trade show floor.

At Denim Première Vision in Barcelona, Canatiba showcased a jewelry-inspired collection by designer Fabiana Milazzo, the first participant in the Canatiba Lab Project, the mill’s creative platform designed to reinforce denim’s ties with fashion and international trends.

Milazzo’s Winter 2016 collection juxtaposes denim’s rough exterior with delicate handiwork and precious details. Bugle beads add shimmer to floral appliques, and create a quilting effect on a luxurious sweatshirt punctuated by blue gem stones. Denim tubing mimics regal scrollwork on dresses. A gown is made out of denim and mesh patchwork.