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Fanfare Label’s New Collection Promotes Longevity and Circularity

Fanfare Label’s new collection takes into consideration what happens to jeans at the end of their life. 

The Portuguese brand recently launched Keep Hold, a recycled denim collection that promotes longevity and circularity. Made using post-consumer recycled cotton, organic cotton and recycled polyester, the collection encourages consumers to view jeans as garments intended to be cherished and worn for multiple seasons. 

“Jeans are one of the most unsustainable products. Producing a pair of jeans requires large amounts of resources, chemicals, water and energy. The Keep Hold jeans are be made to be made again and from safe and recycled inputs,” Fanfare Label said.

To make the jeans fully recyclable, Fanfare Label replaced metal rivets with embroidery. It also reduced the number of labels attached to the jeans by printing information on the inside pockets and used alternative buttons and zippers that can be easily removable and reused.

Pre-existing denim that cannot be resold or repaired is worked “back into the system” as decoration on some jeans. Various shades of denim scraps make a leaf motif on the front of high-waisted relaxed-fit jeans, for example.

Keep Hold collection

Other styles in the women’s collection use Aquaflex to create organic-inspired prints on jeans. Fanfare describes GOTS-certified and Oeko-Tex Eco-certified Aquaflex as a sustainable alternative to traditional inks that doesn’t discharge hazardous chemicals. 

All jeans are produced in Portugal in a GOTS-certified factory. The collection is available now on Fanfare Label’s website and retails for $201-$274. 

Keep Hold joins the brand’s other waste-eliminating initiatives including upcycling cashmere sweaters, reworking vintage pieces and updating deadstock with hand-painted designs.