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Fashion’s Fit Problem Won’t Be Solved by Virtual Dressing Rooms

More than 90 percent of consumers are unhappy with the fit of their clothes. That means that an industry worth $3 trillion is selling stuff that fits almost no one.

But is it the fault of the brands, or are consumers simply buying the wrong sizes because they don’t know any better? According to Mark Charlton, vice president of technical services at PVH Corp., the apparel industry has a problem managing expectations around fit.

“We spend a lot of time perfecting fit, we spend a lot of time as a product creation team working on fit, fit iterations, fit models, fit standards, sizing specs. We spend so much time but still, 90 percent of our consumers are unhappy with fit,” he said, speaking Tuesday at Lectra’s Fashion Forward event in Bordeaux, France. “Something’s happening in the industry, or just in the world actually, culturally, that’s making it harder to fit our consumers.”

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