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Finding the Perfect Fitting Jean Just Got Easier for Women

For men and women alike, finding a perfect fitting jean can prove as confusing as this year’s Presidential campaign. The Chicago-based company, Zipfit, established itself five years ago in the denim world through their innovative technology that finds male shoppers their best-fitting jeans. The company recently announced plans to expand their technology to women’s jeans and shorts.

“Shopping for jeans is not only difficult for men, a lot of women find the process just as grueling,” said CEO Liz Kammel-Tilatti, in a statement. “ZipFit Denim was conceived after watching how many of my male friends hated shopping for jeans. But after a few years of building smart algorithms and evolving the brand, I realized women would love it too,” she explained.

Zipfit works in a series of steps. Shoppers book an appointment at the Chicago showroom where experts take measurements and assist in finding the shopper a perfect fit. Next, Zipfit offers complementary tailoring to ensure the fit of the jeans. Measurements and information is then saved in Zipfit’s database, and the perfect pair of jeans ships from the store to the shopper’s home.

If getting to the Chicago showroom is not an option, women can still purchase online through Zipfit’s website. The women’s fitting technology will launch in the coming months. All shoppers can partake in a complimentary fitting consultation online or at the showroom.

“As we grow and expand to women, we wanted a place to have that personal one-on-one experience,” Kammel-Tilatti said. “But the convenience of online is key and we understand that. What is nice about ZipFit Denim is once measurements have been taken and the right fit has been found, everything is stored in our database so customers can go easily online to buy any new purchases.”

The company partners with over 20 different designers, including J Brand, 7 For All Mankind and AG.