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Forever 21 Gives Rocker Vibes With New Collab

Rock ‘n’ roll is living on through Forever 21’s new collection.

On Thursday, the fast-fashion retailer released a new festival-ready collection with Frankie Clarke, a singer, songwriter and guitarist for alt rock band Frankie and the Studs.

The vintage-inspired collection, which was created in collaboration with Frankie’s mother, Daniella Clarke, founder of the Y2K-era denim brand Frankie B., features “edgy” pieces including denim pants, jumpsuits, crop tops, pleated skirts and graphic T-shirts with “Frankie and the Studs” written across the front. 

Notable pieces in the collection include low-rise flare jeans with denim star patches on the back pockets, a deconstructed denim bra top and a laced strapless denim top.

Forever 21 X Frankie and the Studs
Forever 21 X Frankie and the Studs Courtesy

“This collaboration infuses a sense of fun and rock ‘n’ roll within the pieces while still being accessible and affordable,” said Winnie Park, Forever 21 CEO.

For the collection, Clarke drew inspiration from her childhood tour adventures with her father, Guns N’ Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke, and her mother’s reputation in the apparel industry.

“People who remember my mom for her time as the designer of Frankie B. will be very excited to see us collaborating together on this reimagined rock ‘n’ roll collection with Forever 21 because it has sexy and edgy design elements that were popular in the early 2000s—but with a modern spin,” she said. 

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The Forever 21 x Frankie and the Studs collection retails for $19.99-$59.99 with sizes ranging from S-XL. It’s available through Forever 21’s website, stores and mobile app.

Forever 21 X Frankie and the Studs
Forever 21 X Frankie and the Studs Courtesy

The Forever 21 x Frankie and the Studs collection is part of Forever 21’s effort to speak to young shoppers. In fact, the Los Angeles based brand released a limited-edition collection with Mount Westmore—a supergroup comprised of West Coast rap icons Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Too Short and E-40 earlier this year.

Forever 21 also tapped into Gen Z’s obsession with nostalgia in June by creating a collection with the iconic Barbie herself.

“It’s important for us to look at things through the lens of our customer and really zoom in on what’s happening in their world to make sure we’re partnering with brands and artists that they love and connect with,” Park said. “We have a bunch of fun collaboration in the works—more to come soon.”