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Founders Rea Laccone and Christopher LaPolice Return to Vince

Vince Holding Corp. announced that Rea Laccone and Christopher LaPolice will consult with the brand under a two-year agreement. Laccone and LaPolice, the founders of the brand, will oversee product, merchandising and creative efforts for the brand.

Brendan Hoffman, chief executive officer, said of Laccone and LaPolice, “We look forward to drawing upon their design and merchandising expertise to enhance our product offering. While product is our first priority, we are also working to develop a strong foundation from which we can drive consistent profitable growth for the long term.”

Laccone stated, “Christopher and I are excited to be returning to Vince as this is a brand with tremendous long-term potential. We believe that customers have looked to Vince for everyday luxury essentials with modern, effortless style, and we will work with the team to deliver product that reflects this aesthetic.”

Laccone and LaPolice founded Vince in 2002 and were with the company through January 2013. Hoffman was brought on as CEO last month to drive long-term growth for Vince.