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Frame Debuts Its First Circular Denim Collection

Frame adds its name to a growing list of denim brands partaking in the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s plan to put circular jeans on the market.

The “Ellen” line features the brand’s first denim designed in accordance with the foundation’s Jeans Redesign guidelines, an industry-wide effort to establish minimum requirements on garment durability, material health, recyclability and traceability.

The women’s collection consists of three pieces, including an oversized denim jacket, a relaxed full-length straight leg jean and a cropped slim straight-leg jean with heavy distressing.

In order to meet the guidelines’ criteria, the rigid fabrics used in the collection are made from 100 percent organic cotton. Garments feature easy-to-remove raw metal buttons, and are stitched with sewing thread created from 100 percent recycled water bottles.

All garments are washed with water- and energy-saving processes and exclude harmful chemicals such as bleach and potassium permanganate.

Frame’s Ellen line features denim designed in accordance with Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Jeans Redesign program, a circularity initiative.
Frame Ellen collection Courtesy

“We’re committed to a more sustainable future at Frame and are consistently working to identify the best possible materials to use and innovative mills and manufacturing partners who are also prioritizing the use of clean ingredients and minimizing waste,” said Jens Grede, Frame’s co-founder. “Our participation in the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Jeans Redesign is yet another step we’re taking as a brand to continue our commitment to environmental efficacy.”

The line builds on Frame’s sustainability efforts, including a 2019 denim collection made from organic cotton and recycled polyester made from post-consumer plastic bottles. Its most recent women’s collection encapsulates what it considers the “four pillars of responsible washing”: eliminating bleach, potassium permanganate and stone washing and using 85 percent less water than the industry standard.

The Ellen collection is available now for pre-order on Frame’s website and is expected to ship on May 1. The line retails for $258-$378.