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Frame’s Jetset Jean Takes Off with Travel-Bound Consumers

Frame’s latest drop taps into shoppers’ optimism for the year to come. The label’s “Jetset Jean,” marketed as a comfort-focused high-stretch travel pant, has sold out in a matter of weeks.

More than 900 pairs have already been sold after debuting just two weeks prior, the brand reported. Frame began promoting the style on Instagram earlier this month, showcasing the jeans’ different fits on stylists Caroline Blomst and Jen Ceballos. Combined, the influencers have nearly 1 million followers.

Available in two different styles—a skinny crop and a full length flare—the Jetset line is designed without rivets, zippers, seams or pockets for optimal comfort. It features the same fabric as the brand’s bestselling Le One denim, a one-size-fits-many jean that expands to fit multiple sizes. The fabric is made of 92 percent Oeko-Tex-certified organic cotton, 4 percent polyester and 4 percent elastane. Sizes include 0, which fits up to waist size 24; 1, which fits up to size 29; and 2, which fits up to size 34.

Premium denim brand Frame sold out of its Jetset Jean, a one-size-fits-most denim style geared toward travelers taking long flights.
Frame Jetset Skinny Crop Courtesy

One-size-fits-many jeans have gained traction as more relaxed fits threaten the skinny jean’s standing as the top-selling silhouette. To answer consumers’ call for better comfort, denim brands have turned to high-stretch offerings that mold to multiple body types and accommodate weight fluctuations. Over the past few months, Silver Jeans Co. debuted its “Infinite Fit” jean, Good American dropped “Always Fits” and NYDJ introduced “SpanSpring” one-size-fits-many denim.

Also fueling the concept is consumers’ return to travel. According to a recent survey conducted by vacation rental hospitality company Evolve, 86 percent of 5,000 respondents said they plan to travel this year. The high-stretch fabric of the Jetset Jean is attractive to travelers, and especially conducive to long flights.

This isn’t the first time Frame has attempted to tap into the wanderlust demographic. The brand previously worked this concept into its 24 Hour Jean, a style introduced in September 2020 to accommodate the traveler restricted to an airplane for hours on end. The jean was designed with Isko Vital fabric, which provides a micro-massaging effect that improves muscle oxygenation and reduces muscle fatigue, soreness and swelling. The fabric was introduced at global tradeshow Outdoor Retailer in 2019 before the Covid-19 pandemic hindered leisure travel around the world.

Frame’s Jetset Jeans are now available on the brand’s website, with prices ranging from $178 for the skinny crop and $198 for the flare.