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Fujitsu Delivers New RFID Tags

Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc., a technology and front-end solutions company, announced the release of its new Ultra High-Frequency RFID tags.

The transparent tags are about the size of a typical shirt collar stay. The tag is wash, dry-clean and ironing safe and is designed for permanent installation in fashion apparel, suits, formal wear and jeans. They are also offered with a strong adhesive for shoes, handbags and accessories.

For industrial garment and linen applications, Fujitsu is releasing a separate tag for heavy-duty industrial laundry. The linen tag has an advanced design that gives it extra strength and reliability. Customers will be able to perform bulk reading of up to thousands of articles of clothing simultaneously.

Randy Fox, vice president of sales and marketing, Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc., said, “UHF RFID technology will significantly reduce the labor cost compared to single garment processing at tuxedo and high fashion rental companies. Also, fraud and counterfeiting in high fashion apparel is on the rise. Including an ‘invisible’ RFID tag in high-value garments and accessories will provide positive confirmation of an item’s authenticity and also help reduce incidents of fraud.”