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G-Star Goes Couture; Diesel Designs Locally

Earth Day allowed established denim brands to step out of box.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, Dutch denim brand G-Star Raw teamed with creative agency The Visionary Lab to commission artists and designers to create one-off pieces using their denim waste materials.

With the tag line, “Waste isn’t waste until you waste it,” the designs by couturier Karim Adduchi, fashion designers Lisa Konno and Ferry Schiffelers, visual artist Victor de Bie, hat maker Yuki Isshiki and artist Iekeliene Stange, showcased upcycled denim in both sculptural and wearable concepts.

“The results of this coupling of creativity with engagement is an artistic, fashionable ode to craftsmanship and the planet,” the brand stated.

And for other brands, Earth Day was a chance to step back and revisit the basics.

Diesel introduced four “Made in Italy” jeans made using innovative techniques that significantly reduce the use of water and chemicals during the production process. Every pair is treated with a minimal amount of GreenScreen-certified chemicals, and the water used is reduced by up to 40 percent compared to conventional methods.

The collection includes three styles for men and one for women. The women’s offering is the D-RIFTY, a core style in the straight-leg category with a regular waist. This model is finished with wash 092X which Diesel says is “more respectful of the environment.” The wash uses 180 liters of water less than conventional processes, and has achieved the lowest score on the Environmental Impact Measurement (EMI) tool used among all the styles in the range.

The men’s line offers the straight-leg D-VIDER finished with wash 092X and the D-STRUKT slim fit in two washes: the wash 09AR, where water use has been reduced by 180 liters to create a classic vintage light-blue aged effect, and the 093J wash that uses 360 less liters of water to achieve Diesel’s signature dirty vintage look.

The jeans fall in line with Diesel’s recently launched “For Responsible Living” strategy. The strategy is based on four key pillars and commitments named Be The Alternative, Stand For The Planet, Celebrate Individuality and Promote Integrity.