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G-Star Raw Bows AI-Generated Denim Couture

While Levi’s experiments with AI-generated models, across the Atlantic G-Star Raw is bringing AI-generated fashion into the real world.

The Dutch denim brand released this week a 12-piece collection made with Midjourney, an artificial intelligence app that works from prompts input by humans, or in this case, G-Star Raw designers. 

The idea for the project was born after the brand created a digital fashion group, inviting people from different departments with a common interest in innovation and technology. Their goal was to experiment with new techniques and explore the potential of AI in design as both a creative outlet and a way to reduce waste. 

The result is a couture-like collection with dramatic shapes, bulbous embellishments, and functional layering.

The “AI Denim Cape” is the focal point of the collection, created from the prompts: denim cape morphic, model is wearing, organic shapes, minimal, ratio, futuristic hardware, techwear fashion, white background, 4k.

AI Denim Cape

The concept was chosen to be “brought to life” by hand in the G-Star atelier. G-Star describes the cape as the “world’s first garment designed by artificial intelligence and created in reality.” It will be displayed at the G-Star Raw Antwerp store.

Turning the AI-generated design into a real-world garment wasn’t easy, however. G-Star’s tailors said the assignment was “challenging because of so many illogical details.” A jacket was made as a base layer, while the back was kept loose and a belt keeps everything together. The one-of-a-kind garment is made from premium raw denim and features futuristic 3D ‘G’ shapes on the arms, an adjustable waistband, detailed stitching patterns on the chest and subtle G-Star branding on the left interior section. 

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The cape was made with “craftsmanship which only humans are capable of,” G-Star said. 

“Innovation is ingrained in the G-Star DNA. We believe in giving our fashion designers the freedom to bring their dreams through AI,” said Gwenda van Vliet, G-Star Raw CMO. “While anyone could make a design using AI, at G-Star Raw, we have the craftsmanship to make those designs into real garments. We should see AI as enhancing the creative process, rather than taking it over.”

As for its future with the disruptive technology, G-Star said more AI innovation and experimentation is on the horizon.

“With our digital world expanding even further and in the introduction of events such as Metaverse Fashion Week, there really is no slowing down. But our ideology remains the same: there is no limit to what denim can do,” it said on its website.