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G-Star Raw Makes Headlines

From footwear dreams to courtroom drama, it has been a big week for G-Star Raw. Catch up on the latest developments from the denim giant.

They Took Back Their Footwear
G-Star Raw announced that starting June 1, the company will end its partnership with Overland Shoes Limited and bring design, development and distribution in-house. Overland Shoes had produced G-Star’s footwear line for the past nine years, but G-Star has now hired its own team of footwear designers. The in-house work will debut with the Fall 2016 line.

They Won A Lawsuit
On Feb. 18, judges ordered Jeanswest to pay NZ$50,000 (US$37,500) in damages after being found liable for primary infringement. Jeanswest launched a jeans style called the Dean Biker in January 2010, which included four of the five elements of a G-Star design called Elwood. The Dean Biker was on the market for almost two years before G-Star took action. In 2013, Jeanswest was found guilty of only secondary infringement and had to pay damages of NZ$325 (US$244). Both companies were unhappy with the ruling and appealed, leading to this week’s ruling in G-Star’s favor.

They Launched a Hashtag Campaign
Legendary photographer Ellen von Unwerth shot the brand’s Spring 2015 campaign, placing an emphasis on the denim in the black-and-white photos. In conjunction with campaign, G-Star aims to start a digital conversation surrounding their new line by creating the official hashtag campaign, #tightorwide. The hashtag reflects the different fits available for men and women.