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G-Star Raw Launches Protective Face Masks

As a jeans brand known for adding weather-proofing finishes to its jeans, and adding utility features to denim essentials, G-Star Raw is meeting the growing demand for protective face masks during the coronavirus crisis with its own version of the new necessity.

The Amsterdam-based denim brand is adding “Raw Protection” face masks to the existing collection “because of the huge demand from its community and the fact that social distancing is here to stay.” The brand stated that it has developed this face mask to help consumers find their way in the “new normal.”

Made from comfortable organic cotton jersey material and boasting anti-bacterial finishing, the masks filter out 99.6 percent of particles, bacteria, viruses and pollution in the air. The masks protects against harmful gases, odors, pollen and smoke as well as allergens and pathogens.

Washable for up to 20 at-home launderings, the masks meets official safety standards and incorporates particulate filtering layers and military grade carbon, however, G-Star points out that they are not made for medical purposes.

Each Raw Protection mask features a G-Star label. Masks will be sold in packages of five for $49.95 online and in  G-Star Raw stores beginning May 20.

Denim makers have taken to manufacturing masks. Ace Rivington, Mother, Good American and others are among the fashionable names that have stepped into the personal protective equipment market in recent weeks.