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G-Star Raw Innovation Lab Debuts Hand-Dyed Collection

Led by Executive Creative Director Aitor Throup, the G-Star Raw innovation lab takes denim back to its original form for the brand’s third capsule collection for men, and first for women. The collection debuted last week at Paris Fashion Week.

The G-Star Raw Research III features raw, untouched, untreated denim, underscoring the new innovations in denim construction, silhouette and shape. Both the men’s and women’s lines feature 10 pieces of calico denim. Despite the line’s untouched concept, the collection goes through hand dyeing where the indigo is applied to the raw garments, giving them an unique effect.

The line features oversized silhouettes, cropped jeans and zipper detailing on jackets, along with the classic G-Star edge.

The collection launched at Garage Lubeck in Paris as an interactive installation with models. Rows of color lined the space with new styles showing 44 different hand-dyed color options as a visual for how the brand pushes the constraints of denim, while music arranged by Woodgrain with the help of Throup played in the background.

“We are coming out of an age when technical and functional design is considered inherently masculine. We believe that our obsession with product design principles such as ergonomics and concinnity is as relevant for women as it is for men,” said Throup. “By clashing tradition with innovation, the resulting prototypes serve as blueprints for the main collections in the future.”

The collection will be available in high-end concept stores globally starting December 2017.