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G-Star Raw Debuts “Rhythm of Denim” Campaign

World-class dancers are featured in G-Star Raw’s new video campaign for the Dutch brand’s Hardcore Denim line.

Inspired by the revival of tap, G-Star Raw teamed with world champion Kamira Samuel and Broadway performer Lee Howard to bring the denim to life in a performance choreographed by Jack Evans. Set in two sparse locations, the dancers move and react to the sound of the other’s tap. The result is a “perfect synergy of dance, music, and denim,” the brand stated.

“Tap dance is so often used as a gimmick. A flash, polished accessory,” Evans said. “The simple premise of two characters in separate locations communicating transcendently through rhythm gives a contemporary lens for us to view tap dance in its rawest, most natural form.”

Dance is a popular storytelling mechanism for jeans brands. Mavi worked with “Pose” choreographer Jason Rodriguez for a presentation for its Fall/Winter 2021 “Mavi Moves” campaign. Diesel famously worked a variety of dancers for its 2014 “A-Z of Dance” campaign to promote the flexibility of its then-new Jogg Jeans concept.

In G-Star’s video, Samuel and Howard wear the brand’s new bomber jackets and jeans. Other highlights from the Hardcore Denim line include a women’s jean jumpsuit, trench coat and ultra-high jeans with wide legs. The men’s line includes the Grip 3D tapered jean and straight tapered cargo jean.