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Stuntwoman Sarah Lezito Fronts G-Star Raw’s New Campaign

A video showing Hollywood stuntwoman Sarah Lezito popping wheelies and spinning donuts is part of a new campaign promoting G-Star Raw’s denim.

The Dutch denim brand tapped the adrenaline junkie to showcase the durability and strength of its latest archive-inspired designs in a video filmed at G-Star Raw’s headquarters in Amsterdam’s Zuid-Oost industrial area.

In the clip, Lezito rides a G-Star Raw-branded motorcycle while outfitted in the brand’s Kafey skinny jeans, a new hybrid style that combines Western and motorcycle inspirations. The high-waisted jean features higher-placed pockets to ensure “ease of access whilst cruising on the motorcycle,” the brand describes.

With two decades of riding experience, Lezito is widely considered the “best stunt woman in the world,” G-Star Raw stated. She recently served as Scarlett Johansson’s body double in “Avengers 2.”

Stuntwoman Sarah Lezito Fronts G-Star Raw's New Campaign
Kafey jeans Courtesy

The edgy campaign follows another Hollywood partnership. In September, G-Star Raw’s Snoop Dogg campaign  showcased the rapper’s custom-made version of his single “Say it Witcha Booty” alongside a video dedicated to “backside appreciation.”

To promote the campaign, G-Star devoted its website to the debut track. Content also included a short clip of the rapper addressing consumers, along with his top fashion picks: a denim chore jacket, bucket hat and cargo pant.