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G-Star Raw Shape Offers Curvy Women a Figure-Flattering Solution

G-Star Raw is tackling women’s denim from a new perspective.

The company launched G-Star Raw Shape, a line of jeans designed for women with a small waist and wider hips.

The collection features a “pioneering pattern construction” and high-performance “extra-stretch” fabrics, which gives the jeans flexibility to move with curvy female shapes. The waistband and curved high back rise is designed to prevent gapping, while Lycra and Tencel blends deliver stretch, memory and a silky soft hand feel.

The line is available online and in stores now and retails between $170-$190.

The launch for G-Star Raw Shape is accompanied by a campaign that highlights the jean’s flexibility and curve-enhancing qualities.

The brand tapped dancer Mette Towley, who stars in N.E.R.D.’s “Lemon” music video, for a video to help showcase how the second skin denim can embody freedom of movement. In G-Star’s video, Towley dances as her jeans contour to her body, emphasizing her narrow waist and curved hips.

“When jeans compliment you and they hug your every curve and they shape around you and you feel its like a second skin, that’s what G-star’s come up with with these jeans,” Towley said in the video. “There’s no diminishing in these jeans, it’s only accentuating you and your own skin.”

For G-Star, the line comes at a time more brands are embracing size—and general—inclusivity and consumers are expecting it.

“We want all women to know that a wardrobe should shape their attitude. It should never constrain it. We want to give them the freedom to move as they see best. Mette brings this across flawlessly,” Rebekka Back, G-Star Raw head of women’s design, said.

G-Star Raw co-owner Pharrell Williams is a member of N.E.R.D.

Williams recently introduced another cohort, Jaden Smith, into the G-Star family. Smith is teaming with the Dutch denim label for a Fall ’18 sustainable denim collection to follow its most sustainable denim collection launched in February.