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Gabba Jeans Launches Its Most Sustainable Men’s Denim Collection in 35 Years

Gabba Jeans is jumping on one of the year’s highly anticipated fashion points: sustainable denim.

The Danish denim brand announced its strides in sustainability with a newly dropped Gabba Reduce collection that includes premium denim fabrics made with organic and recycled fibers and fewer chemicals. By swapping out chemical finishing processes with lasers, and removing trims that make garments difficult to recycle, the brand achieved its most sustainable collection in its 35-year history.

Other strategic alternatives include using denim patches instead of leather for branding elements and embroidered reinforcements in place of rivets, while introducing an ozone wash process that cuts water usage down to 11 liters per pair.

All styles within the Reduce collection carry an Environmental Impact Measurement (EIM) rating, and the score is listed on the hangtag to educate the customer and provide better transparency into its supply chain processes.

According to Enrico Severini, a jeans developer at Gabba, this is just the beginning.

“Optimizing resource efficiency is a continuous learning process,” he said. “We are working closely with our business partners and manufacturers to reinvent the well-known Gabba Jeans by adding meaningful sustainable qualities without compromising on attitude or our signature expression. And the Reduce jeans are only the beginning; as we explore and learn to use these new technologies, they are bound to rub off on the entire collection and everything we do.”

The collection features seven men’s denim styles spanning relaxed, skinny, straight and tapered fits. It’s available now on the Gabba website and in retailers that stock the brand, with prices ranging from 139 euros ($169) to 179 euros ($217).

Along with its sustainable collection, Gabba is pledging to donate to global environmental organizations each year to further its commitment, starting with a donation to Unicef at the end of this year. This initiative is part of Gabba’s bigger corporate social responsibility program, which honors the company’s suppliers, local community and employees. It has provided support for local and national organizations such as Cykelnerven, a Denmark charity that benefits those affected by multiple sclerosis; and Bevar, a company that creates jobs by upcycling discarded denim and other fabrics.