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Gen Z Takes Over the Consumer Driver’s Seat

Millennials are no longer the coveted shopper demographic of global retailers.

Gen Z, also known as individuals born in or after ‘95, will progress retail’s digital evolution and be retailers’ next targeted audience. With an average attention span of 8 seconds and most having owned at least one mobile device since they were five years old, Gen Z will control the retail industry in the next five years.

At Première Vision New York, MintModa co-founder and chief marketing officer Jerry Inman discussed how retailers could hone in on Gen Z’s needs and prepare for the industry’s new consumer generation. Inman emphasized how retailers need to retract from their old methodology and let the Gen Z consumer dictate their own style persona.

“It is the first time the consumer is in charge, not the retailer,” Inman said. “The retailer has been in charge for decades.”

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