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Georges Marciano Launches New Cali-Made Line

Georges Marciano, the legendary designer who brought denim to the forefront of fashion in 1978 with Guess, is reinventing denim once again with a newly launched men’s and women’s line called Georges Marciano Since 1978. It is Marciano’s first online venture sold exclusively at

The U.S.-made line concentrates on quality denim pieces and taps into the craftsmanship of Los Angeles-based suppliers, including California Denim Wash House, Almore Dye House and DD Best Apparel. For buttons, snaps and rivets, Marciano reconnected with long-time collaborator TagTime.

Marciano said, “I am very pleased with the new collection and looking forward to shaking up the fashion industry once again.”

Georges Marciano Since 1978 takes design cues from the past and future by blending 1980’s aesthetics with contemporary silhouettes and styles, including nine new washes in three different categories (vintage, classic and colored) created for both men and women. Jeans are offered in half sizes.

The line also includes a range of classic fitted shirts, skirts, dresses and a group of T-shirts accented with graphics and embroidery inspired by Marciano’s Southern California roots.