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Get Your Copy of Rivet Magazine at Denim Première Vision

Denim Première Vision is taking place in Barcelona and the show marks the European debut of Rivet Magazine. Grab your free printed copy at the show.

Other highlights at the show:

Denim Boulevard : The Bib Overall x Denim Première Vision
The bib overall gets its moment to shine. Denim Boulevard, the annual event at Milan that highlights denim and its history, and Denim Première Vision presents the Bib Overall exhibition showcasing unique overalls styles.

Clutch magazine pays tribute to Japanese denim
Japanese magazine Clutch presents an exhibition with photographs and (worn and unworn) jeans in honor of Japanese denim. The exhibit shows the durability and lifespan of the blue fabric made in Japan.

Odo Denim brings anti-stain jeans to the show
Start-up Odo Denim presents jeans that are anti-stain and anti-stink. Silver particles are added with nanotechnology, creating a high-tech denim. Save water and stay clean.

Discover Hemotion
Hemotion is the most recent project of designer and illustrator François Girbaud in collaboration with Spanish technology company Jeanologia. The project examines the new signature of today’s jeans, the hem, and aims to inspire designers.

Selfnation talks about fit
Selfnation saves shoppers the trouble of fitting sessions by offering an exclusive algorithm- based system that translates individuals’ measurements into perfectly tailored jeans.

Visit the Moroccan Denim Cluster
Chat with the folks from the Moroccan Denim Cluster (MDC), a non-profit organization that brings together a large number of denim and sportswear companies and organizations. The group is at the show to communicate its opportunities to potential contractors.