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Global Denim Awards 2016 to Take Place Next Month

The third edition of the Global Denim Awards (GDA) is set to take place this fall on Oct. 26 in Amsterdam. The event continues to grow as the number of participants almost doubled last year, making the competition one of the world’s top platforms for the future of denim design, innovation, sustainability and craftsmanship.

“It’s amazing to see how much traction the Global Denim Awards has gotten in so little time. We’re, as a fact, inspiring a $60 billion global market. I really look forward to seeing how GDA develops,” said Co-Founder of Global Denim Awards and Kingpins CEO Andrew Olah.

This year’s Global Denim Awards, sponsored by e3 Cotton and organized by HTNK, Kingpins and House of Denim, take on all things design and innovation by partnering 11 emerging fashion designers with 11 progressive denim mills. The final collections will be presented at De Hallen Studios on the final day of Kingpins Amsterdam, which will then be judged by a panel of international denim experts.

Judges will evaluate the final collections based upon overall look, which must be a fusion of design and innovative denim fabrications.

The winning designer will be awarded around $11,000, while the mill with the most innovative fabric will be given an award. The winning pieces will travel to Kingpins shows in New York City and Hong Kong before returning to Amsterdam for Denim Days 2017.

“What’s unique about the Denim Awards is that it puts some of the most innovative mills worldwide front-row,” said Global Denim Awards Co-Founder and CEO of HTNK, Mariette Hoitink. “In this way, Global Denim Awards is also a preview to the future, since brands will have to offer transparency regarding where and how their products are produced within the next few years.”