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Global Denim Awards Announces Participants

A lingerie slash outerwear designer, a Scotch & Soda alum and a former intern for Alexander McQueen are a sampling of the 11 up-and-coming designers participating in the 2016 Global Denim Awards taking place in Amsterdam on Oct. 26.

This year’s Global Denim Awards, sponsored by e3 Cotton and organized by HTNK, Kingpins and House of Denim, partners 11 emerging fashion designers with 11 progressive denim mills. The final collections will be presented at De Hallen Studios on the final day of Kingpins Amsterdam, which will then be judged by a panel of international denim experts, including Amy Leverton of Denim Dudes, trend forecaster Kelly Harrington, Scotch & Soda Global Sales Director Alex Jasper, and Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh of Art Comes First.

The 2016 participants are:

Marina van Dieren and Christina Albrecht + Advanced Denim
The two teamed up especially for the Global Denim Awards. The pair are known for their gender neutral designs. “We look forward to create new surface designs, weaving and manipulation techniques, while working form a zero waste perspective,” said van Dieren and Albrecht.

MariusPetrus + Atlantic Mills
After internships with Alexander McQueen and Raf Simons, Marius Op’t Enyde launched his own London-based menswear brand, MariusPetrus, in 2012. The designer is known for graphic shapes, intense colors and high-tech materials.

EdithMarcel + Berto
Designers Gianluca Ferracin and Andrea Masato use gender as a study of forms, volumes and lengths to create gender neutral clothing. The duo presented their first collection at NYFW last year and were selected by NotJustALAbel for New York’s Capsule trade show.

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Outkastpeople + Calik
The Istanbul-based designer attained her masters at Milan’s Domus Academy, and moved to London in 2011 to work for River Island and Topshop. She moved back to Istanbul two years ago to establish her own urban underground brand, highly influenced by music, art history and anthropology.

Lavinia Mustapha + Candiani
Lavinia Mustapha grew up in Italy and developed a love for textiles at Instituto Polimoda and the University of Milano, where she studied fashion design. Mustapha plans on continuing her education in the UK to study woven textiles.

Anbasja Blanken + ITV Denim
Anbasja Blanken interned for Viktor & Rolf, and served as a finalist for the ‘Licthing’ Award through her 2013 graduation collection, Shakhinah Glory. She recently founded her own trouser line Ala Blanka, which premiered this year at Amsterdam Fashion Week.

Tess Van Zalinge + Knitdigo
Graduating with the highest honors at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute in 2012, Tess Van Zalinge’s collection gained her access to London Graduate Fashion Week. Her debut label links lingerie and outerwear, which premiered at Amsterdam Fashion Week this year.

Lisa Konno and Karin Vlug + Prosperity
Lisa Konno and Karin Vlug run their own respective labels from a boat in Amsterdam’s harbor. The duo collaborated on Collect—a garment that allows multiple interpretations and stylings, which will be featured at this year’s Dutch Design Week and Tokyo Design Week. The pair embrace a zero-waste philosophy, and construct smart apparel that dodges a classic fashion norms.

Roosmarijn Koster + Arvind
Roosmarijn Koster currently serves as a senior designer at Gaastra, after having worked for Scotch & Soda and her own label Heren van Koster. She likes to have a third party perspective on her own designs.

Deniz Gür + Kipas
A true artist at heart, Gür is a photographer, painter and a creator of the art fair, Contemporary Istanbul Art. He is best known for his minimalistic designs that cater to working women.

Leandro Cano + Royo
Leandro Cano presented his debut collecition at Berlin Fashion Week, where he took home the Designer for Tomorrow Award. Many of Cano’s designs are on display in the Museum Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt, and he is currently launching his first line, Luke by Leandro Cano.