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Going Dutch: 3 Ways Denim Is Sold in Amsterdam


It takes a village to tell Denham the Jeanmaker’s story. The village, or five stores located along Amsterdam’s famous Nine Streets shopping district, is just a stone’s throw away from the brand headquarters and founder Jason Denham’s home, confirming that the jeanmaker lives, eats and breathes denim.


Denham’s Men’s Store and Men’s Denim Bar stands opposite its Women’s Store and Women’s Denim Bar, each with their own distinct interior design catering to the end consumer. The four stores are down the street from a concept store that sells a curated selection of shoes and serves coffee.

The Men’s Denim Bar, Denham said, is “about the boys and their tools and hardware,” noting the sewing machines and staff technician busy stitching jeans. Customers can have their jeans laundered at the store for 10 euros and repair their jeans’ natural wear and tear for 10 euros and up. “[The denim industry] talks a lot about sustainability, but that also has to do with producing quality product and looking after it,” Denham added.

The bar has also been a perfect setting to showcase the brand’s seasonal collaboration with artists from around the world. Each artist creates their own rendition of the brand’s scissor logo inspired by Denham’s first pair of shears. “It gives us a podium to express art,” he said of the space. The bar is currently showcasing indigo artwork and T-shirts made in collaboration with Colombian artists Juan Manual Gomez and Laura Montoya, a duo who uses indigo and denim throughout their work. “We always think of denim as art, so it makes sense,” Denham said of the collaboration.

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The Women’s Store, which offers the full range of its tops, bottoms and accessories, is connected to the Women’s Denim Bar. The bar is focused on fit, complete with an infamous 360-degree mirror in an Alice in Wonderland-inspired dressing room.

“All women care about is if their ass look good in the jeans,” Denham laughed, adding that thanks to new technical fabrics with high performance from Candiani, the brand can deliver the goods. Denham says Candiani is one of the best mills in business today. “Japanese mills offer the purest form of denim, but Candiani is the most technically advanced,” he explained. “They are at the forefront of innovation and sustainability.”

The brand’s most recent successful use of Candiani denim is its Forever Black collection, which Denham says stays black after 30 washes. Sales for black denim has been stronger than ever, Denham reported. The designer said interest in the color is being spurred on by streetwear trends. “We’ve done so much with indigo and now we’re finding great results with black. It’s been fun to work with black,” he said.