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Good American’s New Jeans Forgive Extra Pandemic Pounds

Women’s denim brand Good American just became more size inclusive. The brand, co-founded by Khloe Kardashian and Emma Grede, just released what it considers to be its most innovative jean to-date: the Always Fits jean.

Whereas the the average stretch jean has 50 percent stretchability, Good American states that its Always Fits jean offers 100 percent stretchability, meaning jeans can accommodate a range of three to four sizes without sacrificing fit. Size categories include 00-4, 6-12, 14-18, 20-26 and 28-32.

Always Fit was created to help eliminate the need for consumers to purchase new jeans as their weight fluctuates—something co-founder and CEO Emma Grede thinks is crucial for a size-inclusive apparel brand.

“We know that women fluctuate in size throughout their entire adult lives—even fluctuating as much as 5 lbs. within one week,” Grede told Rivet. “We believe that even if your weight changes, you shouldn’t have to say goodbye to your favorite pair of jeans because of it. With Always Fits, we’ve created denim that grows with you and embraces your body’s natural changes, while still making women feel confident and sexy.”

The pandemic, she added, has increased the demand for denim styles that can be worn all day.

And while this news bodes well for the comfort-seeking consumer, it’s equally positive for the environment. By reducing the amount of inventory produced across sizes, the brand is able to cut production for the Always Fits jean by 75 percent.

The jeans use fabrics by Calik Denim made with a cotton, recycled cotton, polyester and elastane blend, and are washed with the mill’s energy- and water-saving methods. Trims are made with recycled zinc.

The collection offers six skinny styles in black, indigo and a variety of clean or distressed designs. Always Fits jeans are available now on the Good American website and retail prices start at $139.