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Good American Fills the Void Between Missy and Plus Sizes

Premium denim label Good American continues to challenge sizing norms in the women’s denim category.

The size-inclusive, “Made in USA” brand, founded by Khloe Kardashian and Emma Grede in 2016, recently introduced the elusive size 15 to its line of women’s jeans.

With the size addition, the brand aims to bridge a gap between straight missy sizes and straight plus sizes.

In a video on Instagram, Grede shared how she realized there was a sizing issue when the brand received a lot more returns on clothing sizes 14 and 16 than in any other size.

“I sat with our designers and our tech team and we realized that there is a huge jump between a size 14 and size 16 that is bigger than the jump between the other sizes,” she said.

Good American’s size range spans 00 to plus size 24. Somewhere in the middle, Grede explained, the company switches from a missy size pattern to a plus size pattern. This is where she believes millions of women in the U.S. fall between—they are not quite a straight missy size or a straight plus size.

The brand-new size 15 is available in Good American’s Good Waist and Good Legs fits, as well as its new fit, Good Curve, which Grede described as the “ultimate balancing jean.” The vintage-inspired shape has a higher waistband with a straight-meets-flare leg.