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Google Teams Up with Gap for Augmented Reality App

Google is boosting its stake in the interactive technology business. According to Bloomberg, Google’s Alphabet Inc. division announced a retail partnership with Gap Inc. and BMW to create Tango, a 3D-scanning augmented reality project.

As a part of the deal, the companies will converge to create a retail concept similar to the technology used in the popular game app Pokeman Go. The technology uses cameras and sensors in mobile devices to overlay digital images in physical space. The announcement was made at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

bmw-vr-picGoogle’s partnership with Gap includes creating technology that enables users to test clothing and look at fashion options at home.

The deal with Google could help boost consumer interest and sales for Gap. The company’s net holiday sales for December 2016 increased 4 percent, compared to a 5 percent decline during the same period in 2015.

“We believe that over the next couple of years, the majority of premium Android devices will be Tango-enabled,” Eric Johnsen, Google Head of Business Development for Augmented Reality, said in a statement. “Augmented reality has such huge potential for retail, we’re just getting started.”

The BMW, Google deal includes Tango app technology that displays i3 city vehicle and i8 sports car models. Users can view color options, accessories and interact with a life size car model via the augmented reality app. Once the pilot is successfully completed, the companies plan to offer the app on Google Play.