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Gucci’s New Circular Collection Is Made With Recycled Carpeting and Fishing Nets

The luxury brand that helped usher in a moment of maximalism in fashion in the 2010s is now taking a step back from excess to embrace circularity. Gucci debuted Tuesday Off the Grid, the first collection from Gucci Circular Lines—a concept created to support the brand’s vision for circular production.

Designed for “those mindful of their environmental impact,” Gucci Off The Grid uses recycled, organic, bio-based and sustainably sourced materials. The main material is Econyl, a nylon fabric sourced entirely from regenerated materials like fishing nets and carpet flooring that can be recycled and recreated. To support a continued cycle, the Econyl offcuts are recovered from Gucci’s manufacturing and then recycled to create new Econyl materials as part of a pre-consumer fabric take-back program.

Leather scraps from the collection are also recovered and upcycled as part of the Gucci-Up program, which led to the reuse of around 11 tons of leather scrap materials and saved approximately 4,500 tons of CO2 in 2018.

“Gucci is establishing new ways of how sustainability can power creativity and underline the House’s values, moving away from fashion’s traditional, linear model,” the company stated on its website. “We are supporting a new vision where circularity is not the exception for design and creation, but integrated as part of the process.”

Circularity has been an area of focus for the Kering-owned luxury brand. Gucci was the first luxury label to utilize Econyl in its ready-to-wear pieces, according to the company’s 2017-2020 Sustainability Progress Report.

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Gucci debuted Tuesday Off the Grid, the first collection from Gucci Circular Lines—a concept created to support the brand’s vision for circular production. 
Off The Grid backpack

Other components of the Off The Grid collection are made from recycled materials and more sustainable alternatives such as metal- or chrome-free tanned leather, recycled polyester thread and linings, recycled brass, recycled gold and palladium hardware coating, and solvent-free adhesives.

This eco-mindset is carried through to packaging for the collection. Items come in FSC-certified recycled gift boxes and recycled nylon flannel dust bags. Each Gucci Off The Grid product will ship with a dedicated booklet detailing the collection, printed on FSC-certified recycled paper.

The Made in Italy collection includes men’s hi- and lo-top sneakers, a baseball hat, a bucket hat, a zip-up jacket, a vest and stirrup pants. Bags span a triple-pocket backpack, a tote bag, a waist bag, a shoulder bag, a duffle bag, a wallet and a mini bag for around the neck. Products feature Gucci’s allover GG print and are offered in black, orange and yellow nylon. Retail prices start at $250 and go up to $1,980.

Gucci rolled out the collection across social media Tuesday with images featuring rapper Lil Nas X, actress and activist Jane Fonda, and more in off-the-grid locations.