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Guess Introduces Moisturizing Denim for Spring

Guess is expanding its repertoire of smart denim with JeanCare, a line of denim with moisturizing properties.

The JeanCare line taps into the demand for wellness and beautifying products with Slimtex technology, denim that is enriched with nutrients like ginkgo extract and vitamin E that soothe, hydrate and nourish the skin. The fabric creates a slimming effect, and is infused with a calming lavender scent that is released with each wear, making the wearer feel good inside and out.

The technology is currently available in high-rise jeggings, a flared denim dress, a crop top and a pencil skirt. The line retails for $59-$128 on

JeanCare is part of the brand’s recent roll out of #SmartGuess, a range of denim featuring new technologies designed to shape, “push-up” and mold to the wearer.