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Guess Pays Tribute to Anna Nicole Smith in a New Collection

Guess is taking any means possible to relive its ’90s heyday.

The brand unveiled a capsule collection Wednesday that celebrates the late Anna Nicole Smith, the’90s pop culture icon and former Guess model.

The men’s and women’s collection includes a T-shirt ($90 retail) and sweatshirt ($170) offered in black and white and features an iconic Guess campaign image of Smith from 1992. The text “Did You Miss Me?” is printed across the back.

The tops were designed to mimic the quality of original Guess pieces made in the ’80s and ’90s.

Guess partnered with artist and designer Cali Thornhill DeWitt for the project. DeWitt is known for the popular (and oft-copied) merchandise he designed for Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo Tour.

“When I started talking to Guess about working on a project together, my immediate hope was to revisit the queen, Anna Nicole Smith,” he said in a press release. “I missed seeing her on billboards, floating above Hollywood, looking out over the city. Having already made an Anna Nicole Smith tee on my own a couple of years ago, it seemed like fate to get the chance to make one with Guess.”

The capsule collection will drop on Jan. 17 and will be available at

Guess has advantageously revisited its archives as of late. The brand recently launched a ’90s collaboration with musician A$AP Rocky chock-full of ’90s style embroidered jean jackets, while the latest Guess Originals collection offers indigo acid washes, miniskirts and crop tops from the decade.