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Guess Skirts Supply Chain Disruptions with Transparency App

As supply chains across the board continue to experience Covid-19-related disruptions, Guess is forming partnerships to help mitigate issues and ensure better transparency.

This week, the company announced it’s implementing supplier management platform QIMAone to digitize quality control throughout its global supply chain. Hong Kong-based solutions provider Qima debuted the platform and mobile app last October as a way to bring transparency and collaboration to supply chains. The solution works by connecting brands with their entire supply network, enabling real-time visibility of all partners, alongside a shared view of quality performance in a single platform.

According to Cristina Binda, Guess, Inc. quality control manager, it’s been a pivotal tool in navigating recent challenges.

“We are proud to say that despite the Covid-19 pandemic, we were able to maintain our quality control program on-site as well as start implementing QIMAone in our distribution centers,” she said. “We have been working with our strategic partner Qima for over two years, and throughout this uncertain and difficult time, our partnership has strengthened and moved forward to cover more aspects of our supply chain including much-needed digitization.”

The solution provides Guess with a system for supply chain transparency, as the company sources from factories in approximately 30 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Guess does not own any factories itself and instead partners with manufacturing facilities and designers worldwide who supply a finished product, meaning these tools are crucial for quality control.

In addition to better transparency, the app enables Guess, factory inspectors and third-party agencies to collect data more efficiently and detect potential issues with suppliers before they happen.

In August, Guess said it has experienced some pandemic-related challenges, including the labor market shortage. It responded by sizing inventory buys, as well as accelerating deliveries when possible, changing countries of origin when appropriate and investing in faster transportation modes accordingly. Guess CEO and director Carlos Alberini said the company is remaining “laser-focused on what we can control.”

In addition to Guess, Qima partners with 14,000 retailers, importers, consumer goods and food brands within its global supply network and has a team of 4,000 technical experts who perform quality inspections, supplier audits, certification and laboratory testing in 85 countries.