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Guess Taps Gang Rehabilitation Nonprofit for New Upcycling Initiative

A new Guess collab turns old clothes into new fashion while helping to support jobs for those in need.

The denim brand on Wednesday announced the Upcycled Collection, a new line it’s creating in partnership with Homeboy Recycling, the social enterprise branch of Los Angeles gang rehabilitation nonprofit Homeboy Industries. The collaboration marks Homeboy Recycling’s expansion from electronics recycling into reworking textiles and apparel.

The collection features tote bags, patchwork denim, bustiers and throw pillows. Guess and Homeboy Recycling said their offering not only creates desirable products but also grows jobs in the community.

The Upcycled Collection is “designed with the hope that each piece can give purpose to a member of the community who can learn the skills needed to turn discarded merchandise into desirable, commodified items with an eye to the fashion set,” said Amy Enuke, young contemporary design director at Guess.

The collection will tap into whatever materials are available, resulting in “unique” one-of-a-kind items.

“The designs are determined by the resources at hand, which are carefully organized and sorted. The product range is fashion to non-fashion pieces, so there is something for everyone. And the true joy is the wonderment around the former life of each piece and how it came to be,” Enuke added.

Consumers who bring five clothing items into Guess stores to be upcycled by Homebody Recycling will receive 15 percent off their next orders. Donated items are dispatched to Homeboy Recycling for “upcycling, refurbishing and recycling.”

Homeboy Industries CEO Chris Zwicke praised Guess for “supporting our mission to provide hope, training, and support to this marginalized population, allowing them to change the arc of their lives and become contributing members of the community.”

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“Through this partnership, our employees at our fastest growing social enterprise, Homeboy Recycling, will gain more job skills and training, which we are very excited about,” Zwicke added.

Fall/Winter 2022 Campaign

Meanwhile, Polish model Kim Damme, Italian model Mario Ermito, Spanish model Lidia Santos and French model Xavier Grey star in Guess’ Fall/Winter 2022 campaign shot in Granada, Spain.

Guess Business Wire

Photographer Tatiana Gerusova and Guess’ chief creative officer Paul Marciano spearheaded the campaign.

The women’s collection features two-piece pant sets, skirt suits, hour-glass sweater dresses, pleated gowns, winter coats, cozy knits, belts and high-heel boots for a “modern yet timeless” aesthetic, Guess said.

The Guess women’s palette offers seasonal hues including autumnal reds, beige, brown, cream, khaki and more.

The men’s collection includes tie-dye, camouflage pants, leather, denim, sweaters, tailored coats and parkas. The collection also features footwear and accessories with a color palette ranging from pastels to classic blues to earth tones.

Guess Taps Gang Rehabilitation Nonprofit for New Upcycling Initiative
Guess Business Wire

“Granada’s mix of Baroque, Moorish, and Renaissance architecture creates a striking contrast with the warm colors and contemporary look and feel of the Fall-Winter offering,” Marciano said. “It’s a place of unique and iconic beauty, where tradition, the past and present merge together, an element that embodies the glamorous and timeless essence of Guess.”