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Monki Puts a Cool-Girl Twist on Upcycled Fast-Fashion Denim

Fashion fashion and sustainability are not two terms commonly linked, but Monki’s new collection aims to prove otherwise.

The brand, which formed in 2006 as a freestanding label within H&M Group that is sold in over 120 global concept stores, is gearing up to launch a capsule collection made from upcycled denim. Each item boasts unique retro-inspired denim patchwork taken from leftover organic cotton denim garments, and includes other sustainable elements such as recycled thread and zippers and eco-friendly hardware.

The three-piece collection, aptly named Up:cycle, consists of mid-rise, baggy Yoko jeans with pleated stitching, an oversized jacket with drop shoulders and belt, and a slouchy tote bag.

The limited-edition collection features hand-selected recycled denim that was rinse washed without any added dye. The line will be available online and in select stores at the end of September.

According to Jenny Fagerlin, Monki’s global sustainability manager, this is just one part of the brand’s aggressive sustainability goals.

“We love fashion and our planet, and we therefore need to transform ourselves and the industry to operate within the planetary boundaries,” she said. “This collection is a small step in our journey to become more circular.”

The brand’s larger sustainability plan begins with cotton sourcing. Since 2016, Monki has used organic cotton in its collections, and is now blending the fiber with recycled cotton to lessen its environmental impact and shift to circularity. It also offers garment and textile recycling programs in stores and has committed to making its supply chain climate positive by 2040.

Looking ahead, Monki also vows to use only recycled or other sustainably sourced material by 2030, which means using 100 percent certified organic cotton in denim products and recycled polyester and polyamide in swimwear. By 2021, it aims to include post-consumer waste in all fabrics.