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Haelixa Joins Denim Deal’s Circular Vision

Haelixa, the Swiss traceability solutions company, is the latest supply chain player to join the Denim Deal.

Established in 2020 in Amsterdam, Denim Deal is laying the groundwork to close the loop and promote the use of high-grade post-consumer recycled cotton (PCR) by establishing measurements to monitor progress.

The international collaboration has more than 50 private and public sector companies working toward circularity in the denim sector. Brand and manufacturing members pledge to use at least 5 percent recycled post-consumer cotton in all their future denim collections and agreed to produce 3 million denim jeans made with at least 20 percent recycled post-consumer cotton by this year.  

As demand for recycled denim grows and consumers become more aware of greenwashing, brands are searching for ways to validate their recycling claims. Using DNA to mark the recycled post-consumer cotton, Haelixa substantiates claims by testing the final garment to validate that the marked material is present. The technology traces fibers from the source to retail. 

Last year, vertical Pakistani denim manufacturer Soorty teamed with Haelixa to trace and support claims related to the recycled cotton it uses to make denim. Haelixa previously collaborated with vertical denim manufacturer Diamond Denim to promote transparency.

“We are committed to promoting the use of recycled fibers through traceability and thrilled to align with this group,” said Holly Berger, Haelixa marketing director. “The goals of the Denim Deal support our vision for a circular economy.”

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Denim Deal signatories include PVH Europe, Scotch & Soda, Lenzing, Calik Denim, Isko, Ereks, Recover and more. Each plays a role in changing how denim is made. Denim Deal coordinator Roosmarie Ruigrok describes the textile industry’s circular supply chain as a “well-prepared machine” that ensures that every part of the production process runs smoothly, from sourcing post-consumer materials to delivering quality products. 

“It not only drives efficiency and profitability but also builds trust among stakeholders and fosters sustainable practices,” she said. “We welcome Haelixa who offers a trustful traceability solution.”