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Haikure Taps Isko for Two Sustainable Denim Concepts

Isko fabrics form the foundation for two new responsible denim lines by Italian brand Haikure.

At Milan Fashion Week, Haikure introduced Reloved, a collection made with Isko’s R-Two fabrics that blend reused cotton and recycled polyester.

During the processing of raw cotton into yarn, Isko collects and returns cotton back into the spinning process. The process is fully traced, documented and audited by Isko’s yarn supplier Sanko. The recycled polyester used in the fabric comes from clear plastic bottles or, alternatively, it can come from other certified waste.

One color of blue is used throughout the Reloved collection, which combines unisex concepts and oversized fits.

“Haikure and Isko have always shared the same values and approach to innovation,” Isko global field marketing manager Elena Faleschini said. “When we have the opportunity to work together, we know that the result is going to be astounding. Reloved is a testament to how fashion can be both innovative and responsible, without compromising on style.”

Haikure Amae Collection
Haikure Amae Collection Courtesy

Haikure also presented Amae, a collection of clean and minimal denim with a high-end look. Isko’s PJ Soft fabrics are used in the collection, giving garments a silky touch and soft feel. The light and soft fabric molds and moves with the wearer, providing an all-round flattering silhouette and comfortable fit.

PJ Soft is among Isko’s more than 25,000 products that have a certified Environmental Product Declaration (EPDs) for its Life Cycle Assessment (LCAs), ensuring a full transparency about its environmental impact by providing the water usage and carbon footprint.