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Genderless Brand Pays Homage to Heritage Denim

A new denim brand builds on the industry experiences of two long-time collaborators and denim heads.

Tilmann Wröbel, founder of the consultancy Monsieur-T and 2019 Rivet 50 honoree, and Themis Goudroubis, owner of the Greek garment manufacturing firm LDM Company, are bringing heritage-inspired, gender-free denim to the market with Handz.

Centered on selvedge fabrics and handcrafted finishes, Handz offers a modern take on traditional denim. A true blue-blood collection, the debut line spans jeans made with indigo overdyed Japanese selvedge, double indigo seersucker, low-tension 14-ounce selvedge, cotton/linen herringbone dyed with pure indigo and more. Fits are fluid and simple with a focus on slim, straight and wide-leg silhouettes.

The simple silhouettes, Wröbel added, “highlight the beauty and diversity of indigo pigments.”

Breaking the rules of how traditional denim brands are positioned in the market was part of the duo’s motivation to launch Handz. Wröbel and Goudroubis have worked together on various denim projects for clients. “Then we noticed after a few years that we actually work really well together,” Wröbel said about the decision to join forces.

Now co-owners and co-founders of Handz, Goudroubis manages production, delivery and logistics, while Wröbel oversees Handz’s design, product, marketing and sales in addition to maintaining his consulting business. Their long-term vision for the brand is to stay relevant through storytelling and offer quality not only in the final product but also in fit and fabrics.

This attention to quality, Wröbel said, is reflected in the collection’s price tag. Jeans retail at 250-350 euros, or approximately $260-$360. The company is working with agents in France and Germany for brick-and-mortar distribution. The U.K. and South Asia are also on deck.

“We believe in the traditional distribution and in the power of retail and people in retail who know how to explain proper denim,” Wröbel said.