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Heritage Denim for the Indigo Obsessed

Tried-and-true denim never goes out of style, but how do you make it feel new and covetable? Mills at Bluezone showed how with a presentation tailored for indigo junkies.

The denim trade show, held last month in Munich, Germany, outlined eight demographics for mills and brands to consider while building their next collection. Rather than focus on seasonal trends, the presentation offered insight on the style preferences each demographic favors.

Authentic workwear, selvedge denim and tailored silhouettes made with wool and silk blends are a mainstay for indigo-obsessed consumers looking to expand their denim wardrobe. Meanwhile, chain stitching adds a pop of color and personality to collections, spanning exotic and tropical, to rugged and western.

For this group, trims are done up in silver, tortoise shell and natural leather hides.