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Cotton Inc. Talks Alternative Facts & Sustainability

From “alternative facts” about cotton, to driving sustainability and profitability, Cotton Incorporated shed light on hot topics affecting the cotton industry at a workshop Tuesday titled, “Everything You’ve Heard About Cotton is Wrong.”

Here’s a look at some of the highlights.

The Top 10 Alternative Facts About Cotton and Why They’re Wrong

Speaking at a Cotton Incorporated event titled “Everything You’ve Heard About Cotton is Wrong” co-hosted by Sourcing Journal in New York City Tuesday, James Pruden, Cotton Inc.’s senior director of public relations, took to refuting what he said are 10 major myths about cotton. Read more

Green is Good: How Profitability Is Driving Sustainability

When it comes to sustainability, the apparel industry is going for the green—in terms of eco-friendliness and profitability. Read more

Cotton Inc. Economist: Raw Material Prices on See-Saw Path

Cotton prices remain somewhat volatile, but the long-term outlook bodes well for brands and retailers that use the raw material, according to Cotton Incorporated senior economist Jon Devine. Devine explained the issues behind how cotton prices are determined and why the current situation is complicated. Read more