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Circularity Behind H&M’s ‘Let’s Make Denim Better’ Campaign

H&M released a Jeans Redesign capsule collection in partnership with the Ellen Macarthur Foundation featuring recycled denim as a part of its sustainable innovation mission. 

Part of the “Let’s Make Denim Better” campaign, the garments were designed to be durable, timeless and easy to repair so that they “age with a beautiful patina,” the Swedish fast-fashion retailer said.

H&M followed the Jeans Redesign’s guidelines on garment durability, material health, recyclability, and traceability for the men’s collection. In some cases, the Monki owner said the new collection exceeded the framework’s minimum requirements. 

Garments are made with organic cotton and up to 35 percent recycled cotton from post-consumer waste. Tags inside the garments highlight that Circulose, Renewcell’s branded pulp derived from recycled denim, is part of the composition. Up to 9 percent of the recycled content is Circulose.


Additionally, the dyes “considerably reduce water waste and energy consumption compared to conventional alternatives,” H&M said.

H&M launched its first Jeans Redesign styles—a range of men’s workwear-inspired denim and accessories—in 2020. 


The new collection features eight denim pieces ranging from regular-fit shirts with chest pockets, non-stretch jean jackets and bootcut jeans in black, indigo and beige. The brand said the styles offer “classic style with the earth in mind.”

The collection retails for $44.99-$59.99 and is available in select stores worldwide and on H&M’s website.