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H&M Launches Denim-Packed Close The Loop Collection

H&M is once again turning post-consumer waste into sustainable fashion with the launch of its third Close The Loop collection.

Featuring classic denim and blue styles made using recycled cotton and recycled wool from post-consumer waste, H&M claims the collection helps reduce water, land and chemical usage.

First launched in 2014, H&M’s Close The Loop collection is presented in addition to the H&M Conscious collections, which are available throughout the year and include garments made using more sustainable fabrics.

Garments in Close The Loop contain 20-30 percent recycled cotton, which H&M stated is currently about the maximum amount of recycled material that can be used when making new fabric without compromising the quality. Several pieces within the collection are also made using over 70 percent recycled wool.

The collection also makes use of Tencel materials, produced from FSC-certified (certified by the Forest Stewardship Council) cellulose in a closed-loop system.

Including items for men, women and children, the collection features some of the latest denim trends, like re-worked seams, flared and frayed hems. New silhouettes have been added, such as long, boxy tops and jackets, as well as wider, loose trousers. The new cuts are shown in a mix of tonal styling with deep blues and blue blacks grounding the true denim blues.

H&M said its sustainably sourced materials now represent 20 percent of the total material used by the brand, up from 14 percent in 2014 and 11 percent in 2013.

Available now, the Close The Loop collection is for purchase exclusively online, with prices starting at $12.99.