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H&M Wants to Improve Animal Welfare

H&M has entered a partnership with Humane Society International (HSI) to improve the animal welfare in the fashion and beauty industry.

H&M’s collaboration with HMI aims to improve the welfare of animals on farms connected to the animal derived fibers the brand uses, as well as to achieve a global ban on animal testing. The company said an essential part of its sustainability plan is collaborating with stakeholders to push the industry forward. It added that it can achieve more through a collective approach.

“It is always exciting to partner with a company that shares our passion for animal protection. Working with H&M to end cosmetics animal testing, and improve the lives of animals on farms, will set a high standard for others to follow,” said HSI CEO Andrew Rowan. “It will show that it not only makes good ethical sense to treat animals with kindness and compassion, but it makes good business sense too,” he continued.